Thursday, September 27, 2012


iPhoto will never be Ofoto
When the hubby and I switched to a Mac this past Christmas [thanks mom & dad] , he linked up or synced up our external hard drive with the computer, with the WD Box, with the modem or the server or refridgerator or whatever else he has sharing brain cells in this house. But the Mac does not like talking to this thing. Well, ok maybe because we have 30,000 photos on it. No, I'm not joking. And that's basically since we began, which was about the same time digital photography began? I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure at least 10,000 of those are of the children alone, and they've only been alive for, oh, say 46 months, so that's like 10,000 divided by 30 days per month times 46 months = 7.2 photos a day. That actually doesn't sound like a lot. I bet you there are 20,000 photos of them already. 

ANYWAYS, every time I open iPhoto on the Mac, it wants to load all.30.thousand. Forget it. I'll just use kodakgallery online still...which has now been purchased by Shutterfly...[and used to be called Ofoto back in the frontier days of the Internet]...and let's just say, all of this software is no longer to my liking. Just let me click and drag my photo into the spot on the album or card of my choosing and write my funny caption. Let me order prints with a click. Yes I said prints. I I actually have a photo addiction, but that's another post for another day...

So to make a long story short, I actually open up the folders of photos on my external hard drive through Finder [otherwise known as "start" to you PC users], and drag each photo I want to employ in an upcoming project onto my desktop. So my desktop looks like this: 
that's littering
I even employed this technique while using iPhoto to make a book on iPhoto. It's easier to just quickly click into 'project' or 'flagged photos' album on iPhoto than the entire photo stream or catalog. 

It gets better: Blogger
To upload photos onto my Blogger that are directly on my iPhone, as in, they were recently taken [within the last 1000 photos], or in fact, just taken that second for the purposes of blogging, it is much easier for me to go into my Blogger app on the phone, squint through the html for that particular draft that I'm hunting, and add the photo to the end of that draft, rather than try to access the same photo through the iCloud or photo stream [same thing, I know, so why do they call it something different?] I have to make sure this draft is not open on my desktop computer [which is actually a laptop, because who has desktops anymore, but I mean to say that it is not a tablet, which is the original word for an iPad, just as a MacBook is not its own entity is a.laptop.too.] Then I wait for the draft to upload onto Blogger from my iPhone, close it on the phone, and then open the same draft on my desktop. Then I have to either copy and paste the photo from the bottom of the draft to the exact spot I desire within the draft [as you can see, I'm long-winded], or try some fancy finger-ography to get it to that spot [hello again, carpel tunnel.]

To upload photos that go way back, as in, before we had children and started averaging 7.2 or 14.4 photos per day, again I go into the folders directly on my external hard drive [again] and save them to my desktop, then upload them from there onto Blogger. 

What if I want to edit said photos? 
I find editing photos easiest on the iPad. So I have to find the photo from one of the various aforementioned ways, EMAIL IT TO MYSELF, then open it on the iPad, edit it in 20 seconds flat, because it really is that easy, and then EMAIL THE NEW VERSION back to myself. Apple better be damn happy that there is gmail. No I have not bothered to try mac mail. Screw Macs. 

Why not take the newly edited photo straight from my iPad to the Blogger app on my iPad? 

It doesn't exist. The Blogger iPad App. 

So I created a shortcut to the web-version.  On the draft page, I cannot scroll down past 1 page. I guess most Bloggers are not as verbose prolific chatty annoying prolific as me.

How about the fact that now that I've made Google my homepage, and I've customized it so that its theme is various gorgeous, serene beaches throughout the world, I can no longer see the Google doodle of the day? [I realize this may seem off-topic as it is not an iProduct, but it uses "i" in front of the Google, so I feel it is appropriate to my rant.] Even if I do a Google search and it comes up in the corner of my browser, if I click on it, it takes me back to my gorgeous serene beach scene. And I've never been so frustrated to see a gorgeous serene beach when I could be clicking my Olympic long jumper across the words G-O-O-G-L-E? And I almost never know what the significance of said day is, because Google is not able to tell me. And I can' So now I have to open up a different browser on my computer, which is usually promoting some other search engine other than Google, and defile it by going straight to the Google page to play my doodle. That is, if I've somehow stumbled upon the fact that there is a doodle of the day and my children or husband have not already distracted me from my prize.

Then I see this:
"Change your mind: Switch back and forth between your iGoogle page and Google's "Classic Homepage" through the link in the upper right-hand corner"
After about 5 minutes of clicking around and hovering over various 'link'-looking-like things in the upper right-hand corner, and checking to make sure this is indeed my right hand by holding it up and miming holding a pen to confirm that this is indeed the hand that I write with, I discover that these instructions just mean for me to 'log-out' of my homepage. So I do. And I see the doodle. And then, it's over.

iN sum 
As you can see, I've had a lot of resistance to the whole Mac movement, and I have given in and actually taken a class with 15 of my fellow retirees. I'm getting there. I'm getting there. It's just...going to take me until the next software upgrade. Even when I was a recording gear head, I preferred technology that was at least 5 years old. It just...sounds rounder.

This was a print that I took a picture of with my iPhone, uploaded to Facebook a few weeks ago, then downloaded from Facebook today to add here on Blogger. AM I BLOWING YOUR MIND YET!?! Oh, and I'm using a 4-track recorder in...oh, say...2000...and I'm about to take that mix and add it to my digital 8 track Roland, before finalizing onto its Zip drive, for which I had an external drive to upload to my desktop computer, from which I could burn a CD. I know, I know. MIND BLOWN.

Now I know I'm not that old YET. But wasn't my life supposed to be simplified by all this? Can't I just wave my iPhone up in the air and say "add the cute one of my daughter from the Circus in February 2011 to the blog post titled 'Future Trapeze Artist and my life as a Momager'"?? I would be the awesomest blogger [and momager] EVER.


  1. I have a similar problem. Ever since the cloud got added to my computer/phone I have way too many photos. I mean, it's just so easy, you take a's on your computer. So that photo I took of the sign on a truck so that I could remember the number of a moving company is on my computer along with 600 photos of Dora doing gymnastics that is from some app Samantha was playing with. Now my computer is out of memory and I can't even add photos with out deleting them first. So it's a problem. My Mom told me to put all my photos on flickr so I hsve them backed up online. So in all my spare time I have that to look forward to!

    1. Don't I know it! My New Years resolution was to do "monthly photo management" so I put it on my calendar. Every month it just reminds me how out of control they are!!


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