Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coffee update...I mean...just... update

[need more coffee]
[and more sleep]
[I don't quite understand how I've come to be lacking in both, 
and how both will put me back to normal]
[but they will]

So I've had a few requests about town for updates on some of my other ramblings...namely, the spending fast, and the most recent audition.

Quick & Dirty
  • fail
  • fail
There's not going to be much of a 'slow and painful' version of these stories, because my back is still aching from the half-marathon and my coffee hasn't been delivered yet.

My husband and I had an unspoken agreement that there would be a 'one day suspension' of the September spending fast for the Moms' sale. The bargains are really outrageous, and I usually get some good Christmas finds, so it's technically not for September that I am making these purchases. That said, I was going to only buy if necessary. 

Could not resist this bad boy. Better snow this winter!
Spent $56. Definitely made more than that with my offerings. 

Oh, and within this same 24 hours I attended the race expo, and bought a visor for $20. I lost one on the Disney cruise, so this was totally necessary.

Once that seal was broken, and the 'weekend of crazy' was over, during which my mother-in-law and I managed to go through all the coffee in the house, having wrestled twins amongst Moms' Sale prep, unload, work and re-load, and oh yeah, a half-marathon, I decided to go ahead and purchase the coffee online. I don't know what I was thinking not ordering it before now. Spent $35.

Will try to resume non-spending, and see how the rest of the month goes.


I got to the audition space and I was first. There was someone who was supposed to be there before me but she was not there yet, so I went first. This is great if I am singing an audition, and my magnanimous voice can resonate within their heads for the rest of the day, not so great if I'm reading lines at an audition. Took too long to get into the scene, and came off fake-y. So far, no call, no surprise. It is a shame; this is the third time I'm auditioning for this company so I may send a little email to the casting director to see if there is something I can improve upon. And maybe mention that I have an amazing rack range.

Having a hard time recovering from the race. Will get back to you soon as that coffee comes.

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