Monday, September 24, 2012

A meditation

I feel very strong, even though, my elbows hit the sides of my muffin top.

I want to play with my kids, even though, I want some time away from my kids. 
My legs are restless, even though, they ache.

My workout clothes feel awesome, even though, my skinny jeans don't.

I'm confident I could finish any race, even though, I weigh more than I ever have.

I'm itching to work out, even though, I'm tired.

My body weighs too much, but my body does so much.

I could swim forever, even though, I want to burn this swim suit.

I want a challenging run, even though, I've had a challenging day.

I want to do so much, even though, I have to do so much.

I can do it all, even though, I have to start real small. 

I am strong, even though, I'm strong enough to admit when I'm not. 


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