Saturday, August 11, 2012

Milk Wars

You say you want a Revolution....

There is a revolution going on in my household right now. The kids are staging a milk strike because I made them box up all their sippy cups and mail them to the 'babies' (i.e., Daddy takes them to his office until I second guess myself and break and beg him to bring them back and he refuses and a revolution turns into World War 3 with multiple fronts and factions involved including grandparents, neighbors, and my fellow mommies in the trenches.)

Cheers! One last Friday night with the soft sippys
Let me start by saying they boxed them up willingly! We were still in the afterglow of our trip and they enjoyed one last day with their precious [digusting, drooly, chewed up] sippys and finished off the day with throwing them in the box and placing it on the front porch for the mailman to pick up. And if you know my kids, you would also know that since the age of 13 months they love their milk and have always had one of these sippys either in their mouths or at the ready.

And here we are....six days without one drop of milk! Really? That's it? Now you don't like milk at all ??? I went from buying more than four gallons of milk per week to barely using a half gallon for new-sippy-trials which has been mostly tossed after each failed attempt?? Not even your new light-up pirate cup from Mickey? It LIGHTS UP, DUDE!

They have always been able to drink anything else out of any other type of drinking apparatus. Maybe I did this wrong. Now I'm worried about calcium deficiencies...should have let them keep their sippys for the morning milk and then they would have had their 8 oz for the day and I could have made them drink any additional milk out of a real cup and that would have motivated them properly to make the change, while maintaining their bone density-enhancing milk habit. Ugh!

But those sippys. Disgusting. I couldn't take it anymore! Taking them everywhere, taking them apart on a daily basis to clean in and out of all the nooks and crannys, finding them under the bed and on the side of the couch with cottage cheese-like substance inside...UGIISCHK! I'm sick of them. I was ready. The kids are over 3 1/2 years's time. Hubby and I absolutely hated leaving dinner on the cruise ship and having to run up to the room to get them because one or both was having a fit about drinking it out of a straw. No. We are big kids now. We are potty trained, we are headed to preschool in a few weeks, and there's no reason.

Have tried: 
informing them that 'this is how Mickey does it'
multiple different non-soft sippy cups
withholding TV, fave foods, fave toys & activities until they drink
shopping with them to pick out new non-soft sippys
shopping with them to pick out reward toys after they drink out of said new non-soft sippys
reinforcing other milk products: yogurt, cheese [this is actually working on the girl]

NO GO. [mostly with the boy]

Still yet to try:
adding chocolate syrup to the milk
going back to the sippys
shoving milk up their arses
hiring a Mickey Mouse character to come to the house and chastise them

Surprising side benefits:
saving the boy's teeth from the bad habit of milk bottle before bed [slacker mom]
waking up with dry pull-ups
not passing out on the couch with afternoon quiet time [aka "milk and movie" time]
eating more food & drinking more water

Maybe this is the solution to all of my other problems.... well, waking up in the middle of the night wet....I didn't really care so much about the other stuff. Teeth, well they are going to rot anyways and food, they eat enough; passing out...sometimes mommy does that too...

So if I can manage not to get in my own way, I could go back to my tried-and-true parenting method of "wait and see"...and maybe they will magically forget some day that they don't drink milk out of anything other than soft sippys and just.start.drinking it again!

Or maybe I will just start stashing spinach in their pancakes.


  1. I can only imagine they are not forthcoming in telling you WHY they won't drink milk. Aren't little kids fun?

    We do the strawberry (AK) and chocolate (LP) syrup and this goes over really well. And since you use the straw to stir, it makes perfect sense that you would then drink out of the straw. The ped. said better to have milk with syrup than juice, so I pretend it is healthy enough.

  2. No GO on the syrup!
    lots of yogurt & cheese.

  3. Tried Chocolate/Strawberry magic milk straws. no go.


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