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Post-race toda
I don't know what I did in my 20's, but I sure had a lot of goals in mind for my 30's. What started out as just something I wanted to try 'before my 30th birthday', has turned into quite a habit/hobby. I did manage to complete a triathlon about two weeks before that birthday, and I pretty much sucked like, "the guy with one leg and the 13-year-old girl are both smoking me", but I was just happy to complete one. Since becoming a mom, it has become a life-saver! I long for the days when I had nothing else to do but train in my off-hours pre-kids, but hey, at least I still do it! I may even have it on my bucket list to do an Ironman distance someday, but I digress...

Today marked my third time attempting to become a "Steelman." Even if I move on to other races, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my first ever Olympic distance race. Incidentally it was my fourth run on the course, as I did a smaller race there known as the "DiamondGirl", which is also near and dear to me as it was my first race post-babies. To keep up my average of a triathlon every year (I did two in one year to make up for my pregnancy year), I just had to bang out the Sprint distance today. As my coach/hubby says:
It doesn't have to be pretty.
Last year finishing Olympic distance with the Hubs/Coach
Let's take this opportunity to over-analyze and see if I've made any other progress other than
a) completing 6 races and b) completing longer distance races.

Quick & Dirty analysis
  • WOW! Yes, bike time is faster, especially with improved equipment; best pace yet!
  • Swim time doesn't change much with distance & training (ridiculously true this year)
  • I knew I fell apart on the run, and I can always run faster than I think I can; worst pace EVER!!!
  • Steady improvement on transition times [i.e., drink on the bike idiot] 
  • Still a slow poke overall, but I keep getting better with age! So you know I'll be winning the Ironman when I'm 70.
Slow & Painful over-analysis 
My inspiration as I approached transition area this morning

Funny story: I actually placed third in my 'group' in this race last year, my group being what I affectionately call 'my fellow fatties', but what is officially known as 'Athena''s, and refers to women who weigh at least 150 lbs. Um, now if you are saying to yourself "well that's not fat!" then come and join me. It's not my fault my boobs weigh 25 lbs each. I really should get credit for carrying around all that extra weight!

The last 6 races; most recent at the top 
Swim Time
Swim Distance

Swim Pace
18:40 .5 miles 37:20 mph
34:43 1.5 k 38:34
35:22 .9 miles 39:18
10:52 .25 miles 43:28
23:25 .62 miles 37:46
5:37 .25K 36:15

I can fit in 2-3 swim workouts a week, or a monthly 'check-in' workout on the swim, and my pace ends up pretty consistent. Hmph. Not very motivating.

The last 6 races; most recent at the top 
Bike Time
Bike Distance

Bike Pace
50:49 12.4 miles 17.6 mph
1:39:54 26.9 miles 16.2
1:32:15 24.6 miles 16
44:29 10 miles 13.5
1:14:06 17 miles 14.2
54:52 20K 13.6

After the first three races I switched from a hybrid to a road bike. Huge. [13.5 to 16] Last year I bought my own road bike which, while it did not produce results in the mileage category, is the most comfortable ride ever and totally worth every penny. Plus, it's super cute and cut for women's bodies.
Major kudos; thank you TREK.
The biggest, major-est change EVER is so simple but I just never got it together to set up until my Dad bought me one: a computer!! I finally could see how slow my pace was getting on the uphills and how much I could rock the downhills. One of the many advantages to being an Athena. It helped me kick my own ass in gear today and I'm thinking it will only do more of same.

The last 6 races; most recent at the top 
Run Time
Run Distance

Run Pace
34:39 3.1 miles 11:11 mile
1:05:57 6.2 miles 10:39
1:06:46 6.2 miles 10:47
19:30 2.0 miles 9:45
33:38 3.4 miles 9:54
34:33 3.2 miles 11:09  

It's sooooooo dissappointing. I have actually run a 7:30 mile a few times and 8:30 mile on the treadmill often. I think my focus on increasing my pace has actually hurt my endurance on the run. I always promise myself to continue running after tri season and focus on it during the Fall when there are a lot of races, so maybe this year I finally will focus on one discipline for a little while and attempt the Philly Rock N Roll Half. Everyone raves about it, and I actually have plenty of mommy friends (including twin mommies) doing it!

Ergh. Why/How do I get myself into these things???

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