Saturday, December 29, 2012

Take this quiz if you are on the fence about becoming a Stay at Home Mom

Our plan was for me to stay at home "for a year or two" after we had our second child.

And then it was twins! So I was thrust into stay-at-home-motherhood. 

Financially: it made the best sense. Emotionally: it was always my plan.  Career-wise: which career was that now?

It is different. Very. Every family is different, and my motto is: what's good for mommy, is what's good for the kids. You have to show them what happy is.

So whatever your plans are, and whatever changes those plans, take this quiz if you find yourself in the question mark stage: 

1. You have been in your dream job for: 
a) 2 months
b) 2 years
c) 5 years or more
d) I'm due in 6 weeks, so (-) 6 weeks.
e) never

2. You have cared for children in the past: 
a) in the family, with relatives
b) as a sitter in my teens
c) whenever I can get my hands on one!
d) nanny for years
e) never

3. The cleaning/cooking/laundry in my household is currently done by:
a) me, and only me
b) less me, more my partner
c) we share every household responsibility
d) we eat out most of the time & we have a cleaning person
e) oh, am I supposed to do something like that?

4. In my current job, I work with: 
a) children/students
b) no one
c) lots of different people 
d) one other person
e) my belly button [technically unemployed]

5. In my free time, I like to: 
a) work out
b) shop
c) do my hobby
d) chill
e) wrestle monkeys

6. Financially, my job accounts for: 
a) 100% of our family income
b) 50-99%
c) <50%
d) what income?
e) after daycare, less than minimum wage

To calculate:
1. a =3 ; b=2 ; c=2 ; d=5; e=4
2. a=3 ; b=3 ; c=5 ; d=5 ; e=1
3. a=5 ; b=1 ; c=3; d=1 ; e=1
4. a=5 ; b=1 ; c=3 ; d=2 ; e=4
5. a=3 ; b=1; c=2 ; d=1 ; e=5
6. a=1 ; b=3; c=4; d=5 ; e=5

Points system: 
25+ : You will enjoy being a SAHM more than anything else.
19-24:  You would flourish with a pre-determined amount of time home with your kids.
13-18: You will love the time you have with your children that much more because you find a lot of fulfillment at work most days.
7-12: Prob not stay at home.
0-6: Why are you having children again?  

Take it a couple of times! 

And if you're still questioning the results, you probably already know the answer in your heart.

For fun, I took the quiz twice. First, trying to remember my mindset before Disney Junior entered my life, and after. Here are my answers & results:

1. c                1. d
2. d               2. c
3. e                3. a
4. c                4. a
5. c                5. a
6. e                6. c

18 [stay at work] versus 27 [SAHM is my calling]

I think the lesson I'm trying to impart is that you need to be aware that it gets lonely, tiring, Cinderella-ish, and it's severely lacking in a tangible or monetary reward system.  If you can maintain your knowledge of self and presence of mind through all of that, you're good.

If you are already in a job that teaches you this lesson, then send me the link to your blog! ;)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 best excuses for not working out during the holidays

I'm 19 workouts into the 31 days of December,'s December 28th.

Holiday, much??

Not looking like I'm going to reach my goal...

Unless I drag the kids through the snow for 4 hours...make that...6 hours...

  [I used to be good at math before the twyns sucked my brain out through a straw]

But that twin sled is not THAT cute.

Here are some sentiments that may/not have held me back this month: 

1. The egg nog has a plan for me. I cannot stray from the nog's plan.

2. Wrapping counts, right?

3. I'm sure the kids'll let me run on the treadmill later while they quietly play in a parallel universe.

4. Oh, my workout buddy's kid is sick; she'll be so behind and I don't want to demotivate her.

5. What will I blog about if this is easy?

6. Hubby is having a cardiac next to me; don't want him to go full stroke so better stop the video.

7. But I must have my glass of wine during all Bachelor/Bachelorette-related programming, and Ashley and J.P. are getting married!! Duh.

8. There must be some christmas craft I was working on...

9. All of this holiday drinking is messing with my sleep cycle. Better hold off on the drinking working out.
10. The anxiety of living up to other mommies posting about their Elf adventures is debilitating.

 [uh mah gah did you see Dexter Elf in the Inappropriate Elf Contest? I died.]

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The little christmas tree

We have a little Christmas tree.

In over 10 years of living in apartments, 
we never broke down and got a fake little apartment tree.

In less than 10 days of living in the temporary apartment, and with my 'condition', hubby tried to cheer me up by getting one and setting it up. 
Less than 4 days later, the babies came.
Here I am in my "maternity Christmas pj's", which were, apparently, never necessary.

[Although, truth be told, the belly was still grateful to have the extra space]
So we had our little Christmas at "home", 
then drove to the NICU to "celebrate" with the babies.

Who, less than 4 years later, have come to call it their own.

Do you have a "second" or "little" Christmas tree?

Isn't it sweet?
Merry [little] Christmas! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

My criminal record against Santa

December 22, 2011.
9:08 p.m.

Suspect is in interrogation. 

Officer in charge: 
"You don't even have a toy. You have an accessory. AN ACCESSORY. FOR MY SON. FOR CHRISTMAS!"

Exhibit A: total of suspect's possessions for boy :

Suspect is taken into custody and charged with intent to defame Santa's reputation and forced to serve time at Toys R Us in the midnight hour to rectify crime.

After serving half her sentence and being released early due to highly refined baking skills, suspect is given a warning for future Christmases and must report back to charging officer 30 days before Christmas 2012.

Friday, November 30, 2012. 
11:45 a.m.

Suspect calls parole officer from car on trip home from preschool.

Begin transcript of phone conversation:
"I have a serious problem. The G-R-E-E-N-C-A-R is in the driveway."  
"H-E saw the B-O-X but I don't think H-E saw the P-I-C-T-U-R-E on the B-O-X."
"H-E, or H-E-R? Why am I spelling."
 "No. H-E. Not H-E-R."
"Ok. That's good. She never forgets anything; but he can be distracted. Give him your phone. Let him play a game while you go. FIX. this. DON'T. F. WITH SANTA. AGAIN!!!" 
Suspect is instructed to retreat from driveway, park in neighbors' driveway and leave children while suspect hides aforementioned box in garage and proceeds to lock interior and exterior garage doors and lead children through back door of residence until box can be properly stowed in Santa's workshop.

Suspect is instructed to lie to children and inform that the garage [as a whole] is broken. Suspect is instructed to not show fear nor frazzle.

Continuing Transcript:
"When you said serious problem, I thought there was a serious problem."
"Sorry. I panicked."
Suspect has been spotted returning to the scene of the crime [Toys R Us at midnight] allegedly helping stock persons unload P-I-N-K-C-A-R-S off a truck.

Suspect is no longer considered an immediate threat to Santa Society.

But we will continue to keep you updated on this case.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Admittedly weird thoughts on Sandy Hook

My mind has been so avoiding the thoughts about Sandy Hook, that it has gone in weird directions. 

The recesses of my mind are still traumatized by our infertility and birth issues. 

I hope I don't offend. 

I have a sort of survivor's guilt half the time anyways, because I survived those issues and have two healthy children. 

You watch the news and hope it never happens to you. It's very selfish.

"There but for the grace of God..." 

Some couples or singles go through many years and many dollars without achieving the family of their dreams. 

And so of course my thoughts went to - what if - in those sweet Sandy Hook faces - was also the last frozen embryo of an infertile couple? The last hope of family gone - 
The fifth round of IVF and last home equity loan - 
The miracle baby between two miscarriages - 
The third attempt at private adoption -
The sixth year of trying before the doctors suggested stopping - 

Not that every single one of those sweet faces isn't equally precious - 
Not that any child could substitute for those sweet faces, if say, the family were to have another child-

But just - what if - on top of this horrible tragedy that has befallen your family - that much more intention and effort had surrounded the creation of that child.

Not that every child doesn't have a mountain of intention and effort surrounding its creation - 
Not that every child isn't irreplaceable - 

But just - what if - that was it.

This thought haunts me - on top of the rest of it.

Weird, I know. Sorry.

There are many funds being set up, but this one seemed most localized, but at the same time, wide-ranging:

Also, post-published, I discovered this story from my Moms of Multiples group. A twin sister has lost her brother, Noah Pozner. Another haunting dynamic. We will hopefully be helping this family plant a tree in Central Park in his memory through the club:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Part 4: The day the twyns arrived

last bit of the story...

It was a Friday.

I will never forget this, because hubby was coming home on Thursday nights throughout the pregnancy, and I spent the entire night asking him if his Blackberry was in the bed. I was feeling it vibrate.

It wasn't his Blackberry, it was my boobs.

They were getting ready. They knew before the rest of me did.

The next day, MIL and I settled down for a lazy afternoon, and she started to get ready for her drive home. Her shift was coming to an end. 
This was taken about 5 minutes before my water broke. I loved those pants.
Hubby came home for lunch. It was real hard; he walked across the parking lot.  Baby A or Baby B must've heard his voice and decided to

"OWWw. Someone just kicked me in the bone."
I get up to pee.

I come out of the bathroom.
The next thirty minutes was a mad dash talking to the doc on the phone, my mom, somehow grabbing my lucky earrings [the ones my mom bought me on my birthday about six 1/2 months earlier, and about 1 week before our IVF treatment] and oh yeah - the camera - even though this was not the day. Certainly, doc said, they'll stop the labor. Certainly, I'll be on bedrest in the hospital for 4-6 weeks. Certainly, the babies will not be coming today. We wanted 32 weeks. We wanted 2009 babies.

We get in the car. MIL in the backseat. She is rubbing my shoulder for emotional support, but probably does not realize that her anxiety overtakes her 95-pound frame in these situations and she is actually pounding my back with a thud THUD thud THUD thud THUD!!

I tell hubby I feel "cramping." And about five minutes later, "I'm feeling more cramps." He looks at his watch. It is raining a coooold rain outside. They say it is going to snow.

It was a Nor'easter, in fact.
[don't birth stories always involve some type of calamitous weather?!]
My mother was in New York and wanted to know if she should get on a train immediately.
But hubby said, and doc said, I am not giving birth on this day.

But I was.

I watch the rain on the car window. I start to cry.
"It's too early."
Hubby: "You are not giving birth today. Doc said."

We spent some time in triage, then they wheeled me past the nurses station to a twin birth room [two warming pads and extra room for the thirty staff members who were eventually going to join us.] The nurses all looked at me.

I start to cry. They know.

They give me a drug drip to stop the labor.

A sono tech comes in to make sure the babies are still behaving normally. She needs to report back to the Perinatologist before any decisions can be made. Baby B was swimming fine, but Baby A...
"I can't find Baby A's head."
I'm doubling over in pain. I think the sono wand is somehow hurting me, but this can't be possible. I grab hubby's arm and tell him the next time the doc comes in, to tell her I think I need more labor-stopping drugs.
He's like, ok whatever, lady. [he now says he will never doubt me again]
Doc comes in and figures out why the sono tech can't find Baby A's head:  it's already crowning.

I give birth to our precious girl.  As quick as you read the sentence. She comes out screaming, thank God.

They stop to assess whether Baby B's water has broken. Maybe Baby B can stay and nab a different birth day.

I want to PUSH. They say wait.

The nurse says something to the effect of, "A lot of women would not be able to do what you are doing right now."

I don't question the what, but I wonder why. I was very naive. But, aren't we all our first time? I later learn that you are not supposed to give birth in this way, at this time. The babies are not strong enough to handle it. Baby A decided she was.

22 minutes later, and precisely four hours after my water first broke in the temporary apartment, our little boy comes into this world, blue and non-responsive.

Dr. Carter gives him some magic called surfactant, and our little boy starts a-wailing. Our baby boy. 

They let me hold each baby, kiss their noses, and whisk them away to the NICU. They would stay for 6 (B-boy) and 8 weeks (A-girl). Tough fight for them, easy birth for mommy. I'd give anything to have it the other way. I immediately ask for a do-over.

The perinatologist walks in.
"Oh good. I was going to tell you to go ahead and give birth anyway."
Thanks, Captain A$$hole Obvious.
My mom did eventually make it through the storm.
There's much more of the story- many ups and downs- a whole mess of drama when February 17th finally rolled around and little girl and I drove like Thelma and Louise out of the hospital parking lot alone to finally make our family complete.

But I'm not going to drag you into this mess anymore!

Maybe sometime, for the twin-mommies-to-be, I'll post a typical NICU day post- although, frankly, there is no typical day in the NICU. 

Maybe sometime, I can talk about the jealousy I felt [and still feel] every time I see a woman being wheeled out of the hospital with babes-in-arms.

Maybe sometime, you would like to hear about how hubby's birthday (February 16th) was ruined and how he got thrown out of the NICU.

But that roller coaster - it's just family life. 

Sweet. family. life.


[and thanks for listening]

Friday, December 14, 2012

What she really wants

I would like to talk to the husbands for a sec.

Bring 'em over.


Ok, fine, you can read first, then bring him over if you agree. [you will.]

Husbands: As you watch your wife bake 14 batches of cookies, wrap 462 presents, address 3,000 Christmas Cards, decorate the trees/house inside and outside, run to the store and absolutely not get in an accident with a parked car right outside your house on the way there, scramble to get you an appropriate gift for your mother, your work Secret Santa exchange,  your employees and especially, your precious children, remember what's the most important thing you can offer her: 

and not the twyn kind. 
 No,  what I mean to say is:
your time. 
doing something you hate. 

For instance: 
1. A real date : dinner and a show. You know, a real meal where they serve alcohol and a live presentation of how much men can learn from women singing at them [you know I love those.]

2. A series of manicures + babysitting during said manicures. Like, say, 5 Saturdays in a row. Buy the gift certificate [at the good place, mind you] AND put in a little note about how you will be wearing the children out by running laps with them in the park so that they are not up her newly polished a$$ the second she walks back in the house. We call this a WIN-WIN.

3. Likewise, a class of something she has been hinting about learning more about or mentioned she may be interested in taking. Again, offer the babysitting/child-training during said class. [Better yet- take over bedtime for these nights.] Have children sleeping and a glass of wine waiting for her when she comes home, and she may just have a present for you! [It's talking. A lot. About all the new crap she just learned.] [And you listen.] [See above 'doing something you hate' bit.]

4. A mini-vacay. If you can't afford a weekend away without the kids (and who can, or wants to deal with scheduling the setup/resulting mess of children after a weekend of being spoiled by the sitter), [she read how many books to you? Ridiculous. What will motivate you to learn to read for yourself?], put together a little 'mini-vacay' at home. Just for after bedtime. Just two hours. Just some crepe paper on the ceiling fan and an umbrella in the drink.  Play this song, throw some pineapple slices on a chicken breast, and wear a smile.

5. Meaningful jewelry. If you must get the bling, something in a little box... [and not this box], check out what's in her jewelry box now, and try to match something that's already there. Doesn't have to be pricey. I love vintage jewelry. Tell me that some awful man in the 1800's gave it to his mistress who then sold it to a young suffrageate who bought it as a righteous gift for herself and I'm in.

Were you picturing Pam and Eric from True Blood just now? 

Oh, just me? 

Well. No one said I had universal tastes. Good luck, dudes.

Actually all I want is for him to not mention the insurance deductible resulting from this little spazz attack (which was absolutely not a Mercedes) : 


Monday, December 10, 2012

Giveaway winner & 31 workouts update

The winner of the NetZero 4G Hotspot Giveaway is....

 drumroll please....


I'll contact you regarding your shipping info. 

Thanks again for all who participated, 
and for all who made my Facebook page a success!
I'm very excited to be taking this next step in my blogging "career."

If you would like more chances to win, many other bloggers in the Mom It Forward network have giveaways going on this week, check out #NetZero4G

Although I'm not fancy enough [i.e. too cheap] to do rafflecopter
I assure you, this drawing was random and secure:

[She can't read]

Now, onto the business of the rest of December...

to keep me honest and frankly, sane.

A workout = a measly 30 minutes! 

But this has still been a struggle!

Without the motivation to really lose pounds, or need to train for a race, I don't quite know what I'm doing on the treadmill or in front of Tony and his P90X. But at about the fourth workout, I realized: oh yeah, I can just do this for me. Just work up a little sweat...not put in an extra mile [hubby and I actually turned one of the videos off at precisely 30 minutes!], not run faster than last time, not burn off that extra Christmas cookie...

Just, sweat. 

For yourself. 

For 30 minutes. 

I'm actually behind 30 minutes today. (I've had a couple of those days that I just throw in the towel and find any excuse not to work out! Ever have those?!)

But if I do an hour tonight, or 30 minutes tonight and an hour tomorrow, I'm back on track. 

As for the IRONMAN plan ... that is not going to happen this month. 

I think it's a good idea for January's motivation, when the kids are back in school and my ETSY shop has slowed down. I can get started on my next tri season by fulfilling all the distances in one month. (Obviously spin class will come into play quite a bit!)

Ok that is all. 

Keep it up, if you are doing this with me! 
I know it is SO hard with all we have going on this month, but you deserve it!! Even just a walk in the park... a couple of sit-ups during 30 Rock...

let's do this!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Part 3: Diaper Party

So where was I in my story

Ah yes, installed in the company's temporary apartment. Walking distance to corporate headquarters in D.C., but hubby was still in Philly Monday through Thursday.

No Internet. No Cable. $100 Mattress. Clearly, no one ever really stayed here.

Grandmothers-to-be were taking their weekly turns, sleeping on the couch.

Am not even supposed to get up to fix myself a sandwich.
"Can I sew?" I tentatively ask the Perinatologist.
"Are you sitting when you're doing it?" 
I nod. Again, tentatively. Not knowing if that means yes or no.
"Then yes."
Amidst the chaos I managed to save the fabrics I wanted to use for my babies' quilts. How could I make quilts for every other new baby in the world except my own? But with Christmas projects and the move, I didn't manage to get any progress done on them. But I still had many weeks, right?

MANY. WEEKS. Right?!!?

What if I get put on bedrest in the hospital. This is the last resort for the doctors and the patients. I had already heard horror stories about no Wifi, peeing in a pan, hospital food, and running out of magazines to read. 

I certainly wouldn't be able to get on my sewing machine there. And my carpel tunnel was flaring up worse than ever so any other craft would be out of the question. There are certainly worse problems, but this was my comfort. My anti-anxiety medication. Still is.

The good news: bedrest was working. For Baby A, at least. Baby A was measuring over 1 pound, finally. In a succession of three appointments, we went from "Yay! Baby A is growing!" to "But Baby A has low fluid" to "And Baby B has too much fluid" and...something was happening to my body that was preparing me for labor. I'll spare you those details. I was at the Perinatologist at a minimum of twice a week, so I'm trying to remember where I was somewhere between 27-28 weeks here.

Not knowing what was working and what wasn't, I was still scared. Scared to move, scared to pee, lacking cable and lacking internet,  I lay in bed and watch the only thing that relaxes me: Blue Planet DVD's. I love nature videos; and particularly, underwater nature videos. This was a relatively new release [2001? for 2008? new, right?] and David Attenborough was the narrator. His voice is very soothing to me. My babies are certain to be oceanographers. Or oceanic real estate developers (this is the next thing, trust me.)

To work, which was processing some paper applications for my university job, I had to wobble down the hallway to the common area, where there was wifi. I'd prop myself up on a couch with many pillows, looking dapper in my slippers and maternity sweats. 

Hubby got the boss to work up the cable service, the internet, and a new mattress. Took a few days, and a promise that my water would not break on the company mattress, but he got it done. 

And then, a knock at the door. My mother-in-law was on duty, so she promptly opened it. 
"What is thi-? Oh. ASHLEY! It's for YOU!"
Why is she making me get up off my fat a$$.

I hobble over to the door and open it to see a MOUNTAIN of diapers in the hallway. And hear some snickers.

"HAPPY BABY SHOWER!! Because you couldn't come in to the office, 
My two fave coworkers, bringing over 500+ diapers to me, in a carefully calculated proportion of sizes (everyone should have a Jenny.) Which actually lasted us 5! months! until we had to spend a dime on diapers.

[I must really love you blog-followers-of-mine, to post this pic]
[To quote one of my fave bloggers]  
This was the best. day. of bedrest. EVER!! 

A very good day, delivered by very good, and dear friends.

A much needed good day.

Go friends.

Go meatloaf.

Go Baby A.

Friday, December 7, 2012

10 things to say when you lose or forget to move the Elf on the Shelf

"T - O - B- Y did not move last night, Daddy!" [spelling will serve us at least 2 more years, right?]
It's his job. He's the night owl. I've texted him from bed a few times: "move toby." 

But I can't be fabulous every night.
"Well did they notice, yet?"
"No. They're focused on the Advent chocolate of the day." 
"Well just tell them that he found a comfy spot and didn't want to leave it." 
You mean you found a comfy spot on the couch last night and slacked off on the job.

They still haven't mentioned Toby. I guess our Elf is not as exciting as other elves, so they are not always running down the stairs in anticipatory glee to find him. I'm still getting used to being dishonest to my children.

Here's what I'd rather say when we flub on Toby's activities:

1. Toby is lazy, like your father.
2. Toby didn't visit Santa last night because he had nothing new to report. Same sh**, different day.
3. Toby is in a cookie coma.
4. Toby learned how to break the rules, from watching you awful, lawless children.
5. You kids were so effin naughty Toby couldn't even bring himself to tell Santa!
6. Toby was so exhausted from the last report he had no energy to return. Santa will certainly send the evil Reindeer to retrieve him tonight. FOR GOOD.

Which leaves open the next string of possibilities when Toby disappears: 

7. Toby's shacking up with the Elf next door. 
8. Toby died because you ate all his cookies. 
9. ALL the Elves have died, because the children of the world no longer play with toys, in favor of video games. 

And when we eventually lose Toby, which is bound to happen in my house: 

10. Last year Christmas was such a cluster f**k Toby couldn't find his way back!

I'm just being honest with you children. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NetZero Mobile Broadband Giveaway!

The giveaway has closed. See results here.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and NetZero partnered in support of this campaign. NetZero compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I promised myself I would handle this technology all by myself...and I did! 

It was super simple setup, y'all. 

*I turned it on.*

It likes to be near a window, and near you/your device. But this is not hard, as it is equivalent in size to a square smartphone. 

It is your own personal wifi, that goes where you go. 

So your computer can be your smartphone! [Irony]

I don't know about you, but I still need my computer to get sh** done. Even with an iPad.

Oh my...if I had only had this on tour! I wouldn't be a SAHM with a family. There are still hotels without wifi and hotels that charge for wifi. Ridick.

I'm sure the hubby will be stealing this from me very soon. It would be great on site; even as a boost in the basement while he is doing work on the house

I inherited the hubby's old iPad so it does not have 4G. That would cost at least an extra ~$130/year and would only apply to one device. 

We could have NetZero coverage starting at ~$50 that could service up to eight devices.

$130/1 vs. $50/8

There is also a little NetZero device (looks like a flash drive) that covers one mac or PC starting at $24.95.  

NetZero offered me the opportunity to giveaway $300 worth of their new mobile broadband products and services to YOU! 

Here's all you have to do:

1.You MUST follow NetZero's twitter feed, and tweet about my giveaway post. [Use #NetZero4G , @NetZero_4G and @twynmawrmom]

2.Visit NetZero's website and comment on my post something you learned from it [I may have helped you out above.]

And I will give you a second entry if you also:  

3.Become a follower of my new Facebook page!

If you don't win or want to participate in the giveaway, but want to learn more and find out about other opportunities NetZero might offer as they get ready to launch: 
You have until Sunday, December 9, midnight!! And.... GO!

Monday, December 3, 2012

31 - 2 = Ironman

So I'm 3 days and 2 workouts into my 31 days of December plan.

I did a nice treadmill run the first day, and then eeked out a P90X video last night in my new basement! That was actually not that bad. 

Although late night workouts are not good for me. I stayed up until 1 am. 

High on life!

That feeling'll kill me someday for sure.

Well I also had a record *7* orders to fill last night in my ETSY shop! That was kinda exciting! 

I like to keep busy.

So, to add some more flavor to our lives, I'm going to keep on keepin' on and head to the Media Theatre auditions tonight for Mame. I'm such a smokey dame, I should totally nail it.

Now, what to sing, what to sing...

[I'm so well prepared it's scary]

Andrea McArdle is going to be the lead, so they are looking for her understudy, amongst other things, and well, I play a pretty mean understudy. I actually dig the rush of running in and saving the day! I'm ever only going to get 95% of my lines and movements right anyways, so it's nice to have an excuse. 

So where was I? OH! The POINT of this post is that I realized: 

31 workouts x 30 minutes is only 15 1/2 hours!!  

That's an Ironman.

Or at least, that's what I would hope to finish my Ironman in someday. 

The pro's finish in, oh say, 8 hours??

I usually like to double that. 
Then prick it with a fork. 


So maybe this will help me stay motivated this month...especially if I try to incorporate the distances of each discipline in my workouts and end up, at the end of the month: 
  • swimming 2.4 miles
  • biking 112 miles
  • running 26.2 miles
[now... how many miles does an audition count for? 
I will be sweating my a$$ off for at least 30 mins...]
If I could accomplish this in a month now, maybe in a few months try to do it in 2 weeks, and then in 1 week...and so on and on until I actually DO the IRONMAN someday? 


Just thinkin'.

Now back to that audition...

What the eff am I going to wear?? I finally sent the leopard print leggings on to my 24-year-old broke NYC actress friend just when I could finally use them!!

the two of us in sunnier days


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